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What is Our Vision?

Our vision is scan, save, archive and to protect our cultural heritage
Photogrammetry is a new technology, which gives an opportunity to create 3D recordings of sites, with an extreme exactness. Consequently it’ll give another opportunity to monitor, study, disseminate and understand our cultural history and to archive 3D models in order to use them as 100% precise extract in future.

Interested in learning more about the project? Check out the video.

Think about how your travel to the homeland has shaped you as a human being. Now imagine being able to give that gift to our children.

Support Us

Please consider donating to help us to scan more cultural monuments.

Who are we?

Using science and technology to save Armenia’s heritage sites
3Bee is a non-profit project seeking to digitally preserve 100 of the Armenia’s most important heritage sites within three years․ We use high resolution images from the ground and from drones that are processed and combined into one model. We capture the data at the highest possible resolutions and archive them in raw formats so the data can continue to be re-processed in future.