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Save, Share, Archive, Protect Using science and technology to save Armenia's heritage sites Learn more

Our mission is the protection of cultural heritage in Historic Armenia

3Bee is a non-profit project seeking to digitally preserve 100 of the Armenia’s most important heritage sites within the next years․

Interested in learning more about the project? Check out the video.

Think about how your travel to the homeland has shaped you as a human being. Now imagine being able to give that gift to our children.


Discover the history of Harichavank

Virtually travel to the most famous monuments in immersive and accurate 3D

Explore Armenian Cultural Heritage Sites in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can bring You anywhere in Armenia. Helping you learn about cultural monuments and ideas by experiencing them as if you were actually there.

Since its founding 3Bee has documented over 10 heritage sites in Shirak region.The sites pass over a huge gamut of Armenian history.

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Why we need your support?

Help Us To capture, save and share our cultural heritage
These days our cultural heritage is at risk from Natural disasters, Climate changes, and the most disappointing is from wars. And it is essential that the vast archives of 3D and colour data are securely archived. Please consider donating to help us to scan more cultural monuments. You can support us by simply donating or you can get souvenirs and help to archive and protect our cultural heritage.


We appreciate your kind and loving support