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Lmbatavank Monastery

The church of Saint Stephen has a cruciform centralised plan under a single octagonal drum with an octagonal-conical dome above. The four arms of the church have gable roofs. There is a single portal that leads into the building, and adjacent to the main entry of the church is another portal to a side chapel. Frescoes painted upon the apse Decorative elements are mostly circular shield-type patterns on the exterior of the structure, and are limited to the bell style arches above some of the windows, eaves, and cornices. On the eastern exterior façade of the church are some inscriptions, as well as a design of a low-relief cross pattée resting in the center of a circle located to the left of the lower window. This same cross variant can be seen on other churches in the Artik area; for example, on the rear façade of the 5th-century Surb Astvatsatsin Church/Surb Marine Church in the center of Artik, and also on the walls of the 7th-century Pemzashen Church.