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Holy Saviour’s Church

The construction of the church was launched in 1858 It was completed in 1872 and consecrated in 1873. The construction was fulfilled through the donations of the population of Gyumri and the Drampyan family. The design of the church was derived from the architecture of the Cathedral of Ani. However the Holy Saviour Church is much larger than the Cathedral of Ani. The church survived from the 1926 earthquake. At beginning of the 1930s, it was confiscated by the Soviet government and the belfry was destroyed in 1932. Later in 1964, the belfry was restored. However, during the Soviet rule, the church building was used as a museum, and later as a classical music concerts hall. During the devastating 1988 earthquake, the Church of the Holy Saviour was severely damaged and went under an entire renovation process since 2002.